So cool we never melt, even in the spotlight.



CBC Dragon’s Den – Ice Princesses vs. The Dragon’s

The Express – Follow Your Dreams on The Express Oct. 11, 2011 Part 2



The Vancouver Sun – October 3, 2012
The Vancouver Sun – February 11, 2012
The Province – August 30, 2010
The Globe & Mail – August 25, 2010



Just Here For The Beer Radio



Janice Tomich –  Always Presenting | Women Build Communities and Inspire Change

Compassionate Eye Foundation –  Thank you, for one COOL event!

Giving is Receiving – Ice that turns money into water – What can be cooler than that!

Fabulous Female Network – Community Love For Clean Water Event Thursday, March 21st in Vancouver

Compassionate Eye Foundation – Join us! Community Love for Clean Water, March 21st

Fabulous Female Network – The Princesses of Coolness

The Entrepreneur Review – Vancouver’s Ice Princesses Disrupt the Ice Industry

Forum For Women Entrepreneurs – The Life Of An Ice Princess…It’s Not All Glitz and Glamour

Small Business BC – What Success Looks Like

Kai – Cool as ice

Epic Events – Vancouver Vendor On The Rocks Ice

Lavish Liquid – Luxury On The Rocks

Milestone Events – We <3 On The Rocks


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